Beyond the Game: Jeramy Black's Taekwondo Academy

Posted by Admin on 15 June 2016


Of the 4 students WBKO spoke with at the Jeramy Black Taekwondo Academy, they all state they started martial arts for the same reason.

"I saw all the cool ninja movies and I liked all the techniques so I wished to do it," Xavier Roark told WBKO.

Taekwondo resembles any other sport in many ways- they compete.

"There are a bunch of various schools that we take on and we just do our kinds and whoever gets the greatest rating on that, then they win top place. And after that sparring it's simply whoever can get the most points wins," Roark described.

Kinds are a memorized set of movements, like a regular, that are scored on power, intensity, positions, kicks and hand strategies. That is simply something that sets the sport apart from others.

"I indicate I guess you are combating individuals in it. However, you know, it's actually a friendly competitors and you can like make a great deal of friends," said Josh West.

The students all concur that it's mind over matter.

"It all seems harder than it really is, but once you get in that mindset that you can do it, it actually ends up being really simple," West said.

An example of mind over matter: breaking a board.

"They feel like that they can't break it, and so they walk up to the board believing that they can't break it- which they do not have the ability to if they have that frame of mind, but if they have the frame of mind that they can, break it, then they will," Roark said.

As they break the boards, they get a quite good sized pile of wood.

"We go through a fair bit. To be a specific number I have no concept, however we do go through a lot of wood," Owner and instructor Jeramy Black said with a laugh.

"Once you in fact like, break it, you type of feel like 'wow, I had the ability to do it," Roark added.

Contrary to common belief, martial arts aren't everything about battling.

"We do not use it for going out and looking for people- we use it for if somebody attacked us. Like, we do not like starting fights. We like finishing them prior to they begin," West discussed.

Something they are about- self-discipline.

Self-discipline is going to be the secret to accomplishing success at anything. Being able to do things without being reminded, taking effort, revealing leadership, whatever those things are- self-discipline is going to be the root of that and assist them to get anywhere they want to go," Black said.

And beyond that, the students state the gym is like their second family.