Beyond the Game: Jeramy Black's Taekwondo Academy

Posted by Admin on 15 June 2016


Of the 4 students WBKO spoke with at the Jeramy Black Taekwondo Academy, they all state they started martial arts for the same reason.

"I saw all the cool ninja movies and I liked all the techniques so I wished to do it," Xavier Roark told WBKO.

Taekwondo resembles any other sport in many ways- they compete.

"There are a bunch of various schools that we take on and we just do our kinds and whoever gets the greatest rating on that, then they win top place. And after that sparring it's simply whoever can get the most points wins," Roark described.

Kinds are a memorized set of movements, like a regular, that are scored on power, intensity, positions, kicks and hand strategies. That is simply something that sets the sport apart from others baltimore martial arts.

"I indicate I guess you are combating individuals in it. However, you know, it's actually a friendly competitors and you can like make a great deal of friends," said Josh West.

Dr. Deepak Chopra Introduces Health and wellbeing Platform Jiyo

Posted by Admin on June 2016


Today world prominent doctor, New York Times very popular author and health specialist Deepak Chopra, M.D. and entrepreneur, technology, and transmedia specialist PoonachaMachaiah released a brand-new wellbeing platform called Jiyo, intended to be a personal buddy to allow personal transformation. Moving beyond many popular apps and devices that focus on simply one element of health and wellbeing, Jiyo addresses health and health holistically, encouraging lifestyle modification and offering specialist insights across classifications from exercise and nutrition to sleep and stress, in addition to unique interactive meditation videos with Dr. Chopra.

The groundbreaking platform makes use of advanced user-friendly innovation to examine user’s behavior and makes recommendations based on their habits to push them on their path to wellbeing. With 80% of all heart illness, stroke and type 2 diabetes and more than 40% of cancer credited to bad lifestyle options and alleviating people with persistent illness such as these accounting for 86% of our country s healthcare costs (roughly $3.2 trillion), Jiyo leverages way of life modification as a method to resolve this worldwide obstacle.


Yogis stretch their limitations with outdoor practice

Posted by Admin on 12 June 2016


Costs Dower loves a great deal of features of Norman, however one of his favorites is Yoga in the Park on week nights and Saturday mornings. Dower transferred to Norman in August and quickly ended up being involved, functioning as the facilitator for the volunteer-run group that began nearly by accident.

I think it’s pretty unique that we can get outside in the park, Dower said. You’re not restricted.

Founder Stephen Starling and others with children started practicing in the park so their kids might play nearby. Others saw them, asked to join, and Norman s variation of Yoga in the Park, or YIP as devotees prefer to call it, was born.

Throughout the week, participants follow along with a video, though there are frequently guest instructors. On Saturday, yoga teachers have lined up to share their favorite yoga warmups, workouts and cool downs.

We’ve been blessed by so many instructors contributing their Saturday mornings to assist get more people involved in yoga, stated Norman YIP Director Mona Nelson.

Rebeca Mera teaches 2 childrens groups two times a month on the very first and 3rd Saturdays. The kid’s classes are half the length of the grownups hour session, so Mera teaches ages 3-8 from 9 to 9:30 a.m. followed by a class for ages 9-13 from 9:30 10 a.m. Teens are welcome join the adult group.